Friday, 3 April 2015

Time to get those legs Summer Ready

Summer is fast approaching and if you have Thread or Varicose Veins that you want to get rid of then now is the time to start your treatments.

Unfortunately, there is not quick fix when it comes to treating Veins. We need to see you, assess you and scan you! You may only have Thread Veins on your legs BUT this is the first sign that there is potentially a 'hidden' Varicose Vein present.

If this is the case we will need to treat the Varicose Vein first before we can treat the Thread Veins plus you need to wear compression stockings day & night for 2 weeks after treatment so, we don't want to be treating you during a heatwave!

Contact the Claudia McGloin Clinic & The Vein Clinic Ireland today to book a consultation and get your legs Summer Ready :)

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