Sunday, 30 September 2012

Claudia McGloin Clinic - The Company

Claudia McGloin founded the Claudia McGloin Clinic in Sligo, Co. Sligo, Ireland in December 2011. Since then she has founded The Vein Clinic Ireland and Medical Aesthetics Courses - both divisions of the Claudia McGloin Clinic.

She has created several websites that highlight the various treatments and procedures available at the Claudia McGloin Clinic and some of these are:-

There are also a number of Facebook pages available for further information on treatments and procedures:-

The Claudia McGloin Clinic are also on Twitter and Linked In.

Twitter: @ClaudiaMcGloin

Linked In: Claudia McGloin Clinic

Follow the clinics on these various pages and websites to get up to date information on treatments and procedures and to get information on special offers available at the clinics.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Fundraiser in aid of The Respiratory Ward at Sligo General Hospital

The Respiratory Ward at Sligo General Hospital are looking for a specialised monitor that will test the Oxygen Levels in the blood by Non Invasive means. Currently, this test is done by invasive measures called an ABG - Arteriole Blood Gas which mean a needle being stuck into the patients artery. This test is painful and uncomfortable for the patient.

This monitor will mean that the patients results are immediate with no waiting around for laboratory results and of course is NON INVASIVE!

The Fundraiser is a concert showcasing some of Ireland's top Country Bands and Singers.

Lined up for the evening so far are:

* Johnny Brady...Soon to take Irish Country Music by storm in 2012
* Sean McAloon
* Lisa Stanley
* Carmel McLoughlin
* Sean Brennan
* Anthony McBrien
* Pat Ely
* Frank Ferry
* John Nelson
* Connie Kelly
* Francie Smith
* Christy O'Grady
* Looney Hoppers Show

Admission for this event is €10 and the tickets can be purchased from Michael McGloin. Please call 071 9140728 or 087 2448653.

The Fundraiser Event takes place on Tuesday 2nd October 2012 in the Best Western Sligo Southern Hotel.

*Doors open at 8PM for an 8.15PM start*

DONATIONS are welcome

Fundraiser in aid of the Respiratory Ward, Sligo General Hospital

The TOSCA monitor that is required for The Respiratory Ward at Sligo General Hospital.

It promises to be a fun filled evening and there is also a raffle. Prizes include a Gift Voucher from the Claudia McGloin Clinic for an Aqua Detox Treatment.

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Exhibiting the Claudia McGloin Clinic at the Mature Living Exhibit 2012

Claudia McGloin exhibited the Claudia McGloin Clinic at the Mature Living Exhibition 2012 at The Royal Theatre, Castlebar, Co. Mayo recently. The event was a huge success and we had the opportunity to meet some amazing people.

It was also lovely to meet so many people who had read Claudia McGloin's monthly editorials in the Mature Living Magazine and the feedback from the articles was fabulous. The visitors to the exhibit were also delighted to meet Claudia and to get the opportunity to ask further questions on the treatments and procedures offered at the clinic. Claudia even managed to pick up the nicknames 'The Diverticulitis Lady' and 'The Vein Lady'.

The Vein Clinic Ireland a division of the Claudia McGloin Clinic also launched their new website which coincided with the September Editorial for the Mature Living Magazine on Thread Veins.

Further details on The Vein Clinic Ireland can be found on and there is a dedicated facebook page as well -

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Customer Services Award 2012 awarded to the Claudia McGloin Clinic Customer Services Award 2012 awarded to the Claudia McGloin Clinic

Fuerteventura - What a fab holiday?

Firstly, I must apologise for the lack of recent posts/blogs. This was due to the fact that I was out of the country on a well earned, well deserved sun holiday! It has been a very hectic and somewhat stressful (at times) year and due to the weather in Ireland being very wet, wet and wet, it was decided that a September SUN holiday was the order of the day and just what the doctor or in this case the nurse ordered!

What can I say about Fuerteventura? It is an amazing place! The weather was equally amazing which for this time of year was a shocker. The temperatures were reaching 35 degrees during the day and there were nights when the temperatures were still 30 degrees :-)

It was decided very early on that the holiday would be a very relaxing and chilled one - sun loungers and pool :-) We also decided that we were NOT going to do the whole English restaurant fish and chips thing but dine out in the finest restaurants and eat fresh fish (I don't eat that much fish as I am not a huge fan but did have Calamari!) and eat what the locals ate! This also extended to the wine and the sangria!

We did stick to this but to my surprise we ended up in an Irish Bar on the first night and we never looked back! Now we had been guided to what was described as an amazing rock bar and on the way I spotted McCarthy's Irish Bar and suggested that we have ONE drink for the road before we headed into the rock bar! We did exactly what we intended to do and left but we soon returned and we were so glad that we did.

Why do Irish people always congregate to the Irish Bars?? It's for the craic agus ceoil. McCarthy's Bar is an amazing bar and funnily enough we discovered soon after we returned that the musician was from Offaly and the owner of the bar was from Sligo - you couldn't make this up so, enough said! Also, I have NEVER tasted such amazing Baby Guinness as I did in McCarthy's Bar! This of course being followed by sangria!

Another reason to stay in this bar was the entertainment, Mr Damian Farrell - an amazing singer/songwriter from Offaly. He will make it big one day and he deserves to. Not only does he cover some amazing songs but he has penned some fabulous songs of his own. Watch this space.......

Of course there was also another fab Irish Bar for after hours drinks - Paddy's Bar! There is a theme forming here - the Irish stayed with the Irish and went to the Irish Bars but we had an amazing time and we did manage to get in a few of the other cocktail bars as well but we found the craic to be much better in these 2 Irish Bars.

If you ever decide to visit Fuerteventura and you should make sure you visit these 2 Irish Bars and tell them Claudia sent ya! Also, if you are lucky you will get to hear Damian Farrell sing. Sadly the holiday is now over and it is back to reality BUT there is a return trip planned for the not so distant future :-)

After an amazing trip I am also thinking that the Claudia McGloin Clinic could relocate there or at the very least I could do some sessional work there :-) I can just see it now - the clinic operating on the beach near the cocktail bar :-)

Me with the very talented Damian Farrell