Monday, 9 June 2014

The Future of Anti-Ageing with Dr Daniel Sister

Dr. Daniel Sister talks about the future of anti ageing

Unknown-1Dr Daniel Sister is a world renowned cosmetic and anti-ageing medical doctor, specialising in minimally invasive procedures, practicing in London. I caught up with Dr. Daniel Sister to ask him a few key questions about the future of anti-ageing.
How would you describe consumer attitudes now to Botox and cosmetic fillers compared to say 5 years ago?  
It is a constant evolving industry. Originally Botox was overused and we saw frozen faces etc.. Little by little practitioners have learnt how to control their treatments. At the same time patients started to ask for a more natural look…consumers don’t want the frozen face look, but they want to look better; relaxed but without any tell tale signs of Botox.
We now have a very large panel of fillers to choose from, depending on what we want to achieve (higher or lower density, viscosity etc.) This means that we can achieve a more natural look once again… Conclusion? No one wants to be seen as having obviously had a treatment…. the natural look is key.
Also the introduction of different techniques to inject, different ways to use different density dermal fillers together, canulas, etc have totally changed the outcome.
What’s your latest favourite treatment?
For me definitely PRP/Dracula Therapy and the Silhouette Thread Lift, either as a single treatment or a combined treatment. The Thread Lift gives better definition specially on the jaw line without the need to add volume (which is sometimes not the best way to go).
What’s your view on the emerging biology based treatments like dracula therapy? This is key for us as we need to get a good understanding of the emerging science and how it is being applied?
Emerging biology based treatments are the next frontier. Everything will change from now on. Growth factors, stem cells, fat grafts will definitely change the face of the future, with more natural treatments and longer lasting, and with less possible side effects.
How do you see these treatments developing and evolving?
More knowledge = better results.  Obviously with the rise of PRP/Dracula Therapy the confidential “door” is now wide open.
What will be new in 5 years time?
Stem Cells, Stem Cells, Stem Cells!
With kind thanks to Dr. Daniel Sister, click here for more information on Dr. Sister.
Dracula PRP Therapy is EXCLUSIVE to the Claudia McGloin Clinic...We are currently the ONLY clinic in Ireland that is offering this version by the Pioneer and Leading Expert Dr Daniel Sister.
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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Chemical Peels for Dry Rough Skin

So after months of wearing socks and boots throughout the winter, most of us have been left with dry rough skin on our heels - not a good look when we want to bear our feet and get summer ready for flip flops and sandles!

You're all probably finding that moisturising is not enough and you've tried all the over the counter creams and gadgets but to no avail. Frustrated?

If this problem sounds familiar, then you need to try a Foot Rejuvenation treatment. 

At the Claudia McGloin Clinic, we've been busy trialling Chemical Peels to get rid of our dry, cracked heels and hey presto - we have Sexy Summer Feet :)

A Chemical Skin Peel is a great way of removing Calluses, Corns and Dry, Rough Skin from your feet. 

Give the clinic a call on 071 9140728 for further details and watch out for special summer offers on our business Facebook page - Claudia McGloin Clinic

With a little TLC your feet can be Sexy Summer Feet :)