Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Patients for Patient Safety Ireland (PFPSI)

Anyone who knows me knows that I am extremely passionate about Patient Safety and so, I was delighted to have been invited to join Patients for Patient Safety Ireland (PFPSI) following my personal experience of Wrong Site Surgery in 2007.

Patients for Patient Safety (PFPS) is a World Health Organistation (WHO) initiative aimed at improving Patient Safety in Health Care. Networks of PFPS have been set up in a number of countries around the world. The purpose of setting up a network of PFPS is to promote understanding and dialogue around Patient Safety and the role patients can play in developing new tools useful in Patient Safety. PFPS aim to foster and build collaboration and links between patients and staff on the range of Patient Safety efforts at Regional and Local levels, so that the lessons can be shared and partnerships created.

The establishment of PFPS network in Ireland was led by Ms. Margaret Murphy and the Steering group is facilitated by the HSE Advocacy Unit with the support and endorsement of Dr. Philip Crowley, National Director of Quality and Patient Safety.

Looking for a Plastic Surgeon in Ireland

If you are looking for a Plastic Surgeon in Ireland then you must look at the Irish Association of Plastic Surgeons (IAPS) website - www.plasticsurgery.ie to check if your surgeon is on the list.

You will see the official list of Consultant Plastic Surgeons in Ireland. All members of the Irish Association of Plastic Surgeons have achieved the highest standard of training available in Plastic Surgery in Ireland and are listed on the Specialist Register in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of the Medical Council.

It is only those listed that can call themselves Plastic Surgeons. If the person you are looking for is not on this list, then they are NOT Plastic Surgeons.They maybe listed on the General Register of the Medical Council which means they are doctors but not Plastic Surgeons. Don't be confused with the term Cosmetic Surgeon, this is a term that is NOT recognised in Ireland.

Always RESEARCH the treatment and more importantly RESEARCH the person who is performing the treatment for you. Beware of the 'FLY IN, FLY OUT' doctors that visit Ireland from foreign shores and leave straight after they operate!

Protect yourselves from the cowboys...

Goodbye September, Hello October

September was a great month for the Claudia McGloin Clinic, we made the final 3 and were awarded Runner Up in the 'Best New Business' category of the Sligo Business Awards 2014.

We have a feeling that October is going to be even better...

We are introducing NEW treatments, NEW products, NEW skin care and NEW members to the Medical/Surgical Team. 

We are also organising a Claudia McGloin Clinic Open Day and we will have Special Offers and Competitions.

There's lots of other exciting projects in the pipeline but watch this space...

Monday, 22 September 2014

FLASH SALE at the Claudia McGloin Clinic

In order to make room for some NEW products and treatments that we will be introducing into the clinic soon, we are having a Flash Sale on some of our existing products and treatments...

*These prices will ONLY be available while stocks last*

Anti-Ageing Vitamin Infused Meso Facial - Perfect for Hydrating and Rejuvenating the Skin €50
Cellulite Meso Treatment - Perfect for Thighs €50
Fat Reduction Treatment - Perfect for Double Chins, Jowls, Bra Strap Bulges and Muffin Tops €50

Easy TCA Chemical Skin Peel (Medium):
2 for 1 Area €200 - Perfect for Face, Neck, Decolletage and Hands) Add a third area for €100

Easy Phytic Superficial Peel - Perfect for Teenage Acne, Skin Rejuvenation and as a Skin 'Pick me Up' €50

Skin Brightening Treatment - Perfect for Pigmentation €30

Corrective Treatment for Rosacea, Ezcema and Psoriasis €30

Collagen Shots - The Ultimate Anti-Ageing Drink €40

Obagi ELASTILash Eyelash Solution €40
Obagi Rosaclear System - 3 products €100

Genuine Dermaroller Homecare Kit - Skin Rejuvenation €150
Genuine Dermaroller Beauty Mouse Homecare Kit - Cellulite €150

To book an appointment to claim any of the above call the clinic on 071 9140728 or send us a PM and quote this OFFER.

These treatments and products are limited! These offers/prices will never be repeated!

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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

NO NO to no! no! hair!

I'm a sucker like most for beauty gimmicks and I love trialing new products especially the ones that have the potential to work! I'm not suckered into ALL products I must say. I am fairly good at seeing the wood for the trees! I had read a lot about no! no! hair! and watched several commercials on TV over the years but even though I wasn't really expecting much from it, I was dying to try it! Curiousity and all that!

While this isn't a new product, I came across an article recently that stated there was new research for no! no! hair! ...It claimed that this little product is just as effective as laser! Hmmm, now even after reading all of the bad reviews and hearing friends negative verdicts - I decided to give it a whirl! It couldn't be that bad, could it? Surely, the research wasn't fake and surely over the years the technology was improved - it uses THERMICON tips!

I was so excited about trying it that I started to let the hair grow on my legs! Anyone who knows me knows I HATE leaving my legs with hair on, I HATE the itchiness and I hate the gorilla look! I did extremely well as the hair was growing for at least 10-14 days before I tried no! no! hair! A sure test!

Well here's my review!

1. It mostly certainly does NOT hurt while using the product!
2. It is extremely easy to use - 90 degrees is not hard to do!
3. It smells so bad, so so bad as it's burning the hair!
4. It does leave rough stubble behind which you then have to buffer off!
5. The device didn't switch off a few times when I'd finished using it and the device did get hot to the point I had to let it cool down before attempting to switch it on again!
6. The device did NOT remove all hair despite going over the same patch 4-5 times!
7. You have to go over the same patch for about 5 times! Importnant to mention twice!
8. There wasn't much difference with the hair re-growth compared to my shaven leg!

This device ain't cheap either - €230 from Boots but I purchased mine from QVCUK on easy payments with a money back guarantee up to 90 days! Thank Christ for that becuse it is going back! Now even if I was willing to use it for the 90 days, it isn't long enought to see if it really works HOWEVER, I didn't like the product and didn't like the need to buffer after shaving and especially didn't like the fact it din't remove all of the hairs!

So, peeps for all of you that asked me to tell them how I got on with it - I wouldn't be rushing out to buy it and I wouldn't be recommending it either. I am open to hearing other people's opinions about their experiences but I personally cannot be arsed with the whole buffering etc.

I would rather stick to my Gillette razor :)

Hope this helps and here are the links to the reviews so, you can make up your own minds and decide if this is something you want to try!


Runner Up in 'Best New Business' category of the Sligo Business Awards 2014

The Claudia McGloin Clinic are absolutely delighted and over the moon to have been awarded with Runner Up in the 'Best New Business' category of the Sligo Business Awards 2014.

The prestigious gala ceremony was held on Friday 12th September in The Sligo Park Hotel. There were 24 finalists in 8 categories and 1 overall winner for 'Best Business'.

It was such an achievement for us to even be nominated let alone to make the final 3. All the hard work and dedication over the past couple of years have paid off.

We would like to thank The Sligo Champion, Sligo Leader and of course YOU for making it happen.


Friday, 5 September 2014

Autumn Skin

Goodbye July and Hello September can only mean one thing - Autumn followed by Winter! While some of us are just back from holidays and others are about to go to the sun for a last minute break, you can't but help notice the change in the weather recently. I don't want to take out my jumpers, heavy coats and boots just yet - it seems too early which is probably because I haven't had a sun holiday yet or the fact that once the heatings turned on, it won't be switched off until next year! 

We were promised temperatures of 23/24 degrees and a mini heat wave last week but all we've gotten is rain, cold and mist! Typical Irish weather or season change? It's probably a bit of both but seeing as we really haven't had much of a summer this year, the thoughts of Winter isn't appealing!

Your Skin may feel drier and may have even lost it's glow in recent days/weeks but you should maintain your Skin regieme throughout the Autumn/Winter months just as you would in Spring/Summer. You will need to tweak your regieme slightly to accommodate the change in seasons. Nothing drastic but you will need extra moisture and hydration for your Skin. As always, you must continue to wear SPF 50 to protect your Skin from UVA and UVB rays that are still there despite their being no visible sun!

I always kick start my Autumn regieme with a Chemical Skin Peel. Doesn't have to be a Medium or Deep Peel, just a Superficial Peel is enough to rid the Skin of the build up of Dead Skin Cells and possible Skin Congestion. It will also give your Skin a fresh, healthy glow :)

My favourite Skin Peel at the moment is Epionce Lite Peel: Refresh

This is a super gentle Skin Peel that won't make your Skin flake or peel but instead leaves you with super soft, healthy and glowing Skin :) Love it! 

At the Claudia McGloin Clinic, we have a variety of Skin treatments to brighten and hydrate your Skin. Have a look at our website www.claudiamcgloinclinic.com or call us on 071 9140728 to discuss your options and to book a consultation. 

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Sligo Business Awards 2014

The Claudia McGloin Clinic are delighted to have made the final 3 of the 'Best New Business' category in the Sligo Business Awards 2014.

The Gala Ceremony will take place on Friday 12th September in The Sligo Park Hotel.

Watch this space...

Professional Beauty

Claudia McGloin has been asked to present and demonstrate Dracula PRP Therapy on the Advanced Treatment stage at Professional Beauty in the RDS in Dublin on 5th October. 

Claudia will be presenting Orthopaedic treatments used to treat Osteoarthritis in the Claudia McGloin Clinic in Sligo. 

Below is a link to an interview for Professional Beauty entitled Ask the Expert.