Saturday, 17 October 2015

Cosmetic Doctor at Claudia McGloin Clinic

Our cosmetic doctor attends the Claudia McGloin Clinic every 2 weeks for Anti-Ageing Injection procedures.

To book a consultation, please contact the clinic direct by calling 071 9140728 or by emailing

Friday, 16 October 2015

Botched Lip Fillers

You have probably heard and read a lot about botched fillers and here's what botched lip fillers look like. Apart from the swelling, there's horrendous lumps each side of the top lip and in the middle. Not pretty eh?

This is not what lips should look like post treatment! While there is always the possibility of swelling, bruising and bleeding from the injection sites which will subside 48-72 hours post procedure, these lumps should not be there!

It is possible to have a lump after injection that will settle in a couple of days but it's clear to see in these pictures these are lumps! 

These lumps didn't subside post treatment and they didn't reduce when massaged! These lips needed correcting and even though this was 3 years ago - the lumps are still there but are now camouflaged with more filler to even out the top lip. When the filler breaks down, the lumps become noticeable. 

The most annoying thing about this botched procedure is everytime I fly - YES, you read that right - these are my lips! 

Everytime I fly, my top lip swells. For the first year it was so embarrassing and despite being annoyed, it really got to me and was always noticeable on landing! I didn't inject myself either! Just in case anyone thinks I did! This was the work of a medical professional. I put trust into someone to inject me as I feel more comfortable with someone else do it rather than me attempting to do it! Hindsight!

It took weeks for these lips to settle...Initially, I couldn't eat or drink unless it was through a straw! With the swelling brought pain and my best friend for a week was Codeine!

The bruises on the lips are needle marks! Notice the horrendous swelling of the top lip! It made the lip look distorted! 

When the initial swelling subsided and the lumps had settled a tad - the lumps were still visible. Below is just before they were corrected with additional filler to camouflage the lumps. I had another medical colleague fix these. Worked well! 

I've decided to share these pictures now to warn people about the importance of researching the treatment, researching the person that's treating you and to ensure that they're medical with expertise, knowledge and experience. Don't accept practitioners that can talk the talk but cannot walk the walk!

Im not naming and shaming, I'm a professional but this did happen and while the topic of lip fillers is trending due to celebs like Kylie Jenner, I want to highlight that this procedure can go wrong!

Non Surgical doesn't mean it's safer than Surgery and it certainly doesn't come without risks and potential complications but getting the correct aftercare is key! This highlights that anyone can have botched procedures - I'm a medical professional working in this industry - I call it the lived experience but it's how it's dealt with afterwards is the important factor! 

I had to sort myself out - the injecting practitioner didn't want to know! Enough said! Mistakes can and do happen, To Err is Human but as I said its how the complications are handled that is crucial. This separates the men from the boys!

You guys only have 1 face, don't let the cowboys ruin it! Research and if you're in doubt don't proceed! X

Thursday, 15 October 2015

COPD Charity Concert

This is the third year that the Benbulben COPD Support Group in Sligo held a charity concert to raise badly needed funds for the Respiratory Ward of Sligo Regional Hospital. 

The Claudia McGloin Clinic once again provided lots of prizes for the evenings raffles. 

When people entered the event, they were given a wee pack of Haribo sweets with a raffle ticket attached for a free raffle. There were three prizes of Restylane Recover Cream up for grabs. 

There were also other prizes on offer and the evening was a huge success. Claudia McGloin was even the door woman 😂

The Claudia McGloin Clinic are delighted to support and sponsor this charity throughout the year. It's an amazing cause and great to see the members do so much for their medical condition, the hospital and for the members. 

Until their next event in November...

Creams that act like Botulinum Toxin Injections

We've been asked this question time and time again - does a cream work the same way as Botox???

FACT - there is NO lotion, potion or cream on the market that can ever work the same as a Botulinum Toxin Injection!

The injections are into the muscle and let's face it, no cream is going to penetrate that deep or even paralyse the muscles! 

There are lots of over the counter gimmicks which are not cheap but please be aware you are wasting your money. 

There are however, some temporary solutions by adding a sticky egg white like substance which reduces puffiness and wrinkles but only for a couple of hours!

That said if you want a good longer lasting result which will actually do as it says, injections are the ONLY solution! 

You must always ensure that you have researched this procedure and that the person injecting you is a medical professional with expertise, knowledge and training in this area and is insured! Also ensure for your safety that you are in a medical clinic! 

Finalist in The Blog Awards Ireland 2015

Absolutely delighted to be a finalist in The Blog Awards Ireland 2015. 

Cannot wait until next week...X

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Copper Firming Mist - this seasons MUST have skicare product

Just launched in the UK and in stock at the Claudia McGloin Clinic - iS Clinical's Copper Firming Mist. This is a must have product this Autumn. Have you noticed your skin getting dehydrated yet? This is the product for you and is also a perfect accompaniment to the Fire & Ice facial also available at the Claudia McGloin Clinic.

The latest addition to the iS Clinical range is amazing! A must have for dehydrated skin and seasoned travelers. This has now become my must have product! It's been a godsend for me with all my travels!


This refreshing, light aerosol mist hydrates and soothes the skin. COPPER FIRMING MIST helps firm and regulate the skin's natural balance by featuring a combination of copper - an essential element - and botanically sourced L-PCA, which is used to regulate sebaceous gland activity by reducing the level of skin sebum. Excellent anytime for dry and dehydrated skin, sunburn or post-facial procedures.


* Helps repair damage to the protective barrier to the skin
* Provides immediate refreshing hydration
* Improves skin elasticity & firmness
* Addresses the drying effect of air travel
* Boosts skins radiance and luminosity
* Excellent for Sunburn/Erythema
* Anti acenic
* Collagen Boosting

For more information on iS Clinical Copper Firming Mist or on any of the iS Clinical Skincare range including the Fire & Ice facial, please contact the Claudia McGloin Clinic directly on 071 9140728 or send an email to More details can be found on our Facebook page and on our website