Monday, 19 August 2013

My 'I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT' Skin Care product...

My ‘I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT’ Skin Care Product…

As a teenager, I wore very heavy make-up on a daily basis which comprised of a liquid and a loose powder. I would reapply both of these every couple of hours without removing what I had already put on!  I also committed the cardinal sin and would go to bed with my make-up still on! My Skin Care regime was very poor and would often consist of a baby wipe and at one point, I remember using baby lotion!

Over the years, I noticed that I had developed large Pores and my Skin was looking and feeling quite Dry and Dull. My make-up would not sit correctly and appeared to be ‘caked’.

I tried and tested several of the well-known over the counter brands of Skin Care products to help achieve perfect Skin but to no avail. I noticed that certain products would leave my Skin Red and Tingling as if I had poured Acid onto my Face! I soon realised that it was the alcohol content in some of these products and that my now sensitive Skin could no longer handle these brands.

At the time, packaging was probably the initial attraction due to TV adverts but I never checked out the ingredients to see what each of these products contained. Something now that I know is extremely important!

As I’ve gotten older, I have realised that a good Skin Care regime is paramount and now that I have developed Rosacea – The Curse of the Celts, I have become more determined to stick to my new Skin Care regime and use the products that are most suited to my Skin.

As a Medical Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner, I have had the pleasure of sampling quite a lot of Medical Skin Care products but the ultimate and most definitely the best Medical Skin Care products on the planet and the ones that I simply ‘CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT’ has to be DermaCeutics.

I just absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Foamer 15. This is an amazing Dermatological Expert Exfoliant Foam. It removes Impurities and Dead Cells and also Purifies the Skin. Foamer 15 is recommended for Dull Complexion, Irregular Texture and Skin Imperfections.

The active ingredients in Foamer 15 are Glycolic Acid which removes Impurities and Penetrates the Skin and Accelerates Exfoliation by Destroying the Links that Bind Dead Cells together and Enoxolone which is Renowned for its Soothing and Calming Properties as well as being an Anti-Inflammatory Agent Extracted from Liquorice Root.

Since I have started using Foamer 15, I now have Smooth Silky Skin and it has tightened my Pores! My Skin really does have the WOW Factor and has never looked so Radiant! If I don’t use Foamer 15 for a couple of days, it amazes me how gritty my Skin feels!

I would highly recommend this product and I certainly would be lost without it!

I so don’t look my age thanks to DermaCeutics! X

How Not To Get Old - Channel 4

If you missed last weeks epsiode of 'How Not To Get Old' on Channel 4 then you can click on the link below and view it on 40D.

The epsiode showed Dr. Daniel Sister performing Dracula Therapy which is EXCLUSIVE to the Claudia McGloin Clinic and Ireland. Claudia trained with Daniel in London and while there are other variations of PRP treatments, Dracula Therapy is the best by far as you ONLY require 1 treatment as opposed to the others where you need between 4-5!

The episode also showed Mr. Adrian Richards performing Breast Surgery. Claudia trained with Adrian in the UK as well.