Tuesday, 16 September 2014

NO NO to no! no! hair!

I'm a sucker like most for beauty gimmicks and I love trialing new products especially the ones that have the potential to work! I'm not suckered into ALL products I must say. I am fairly good at seeing the wood for the trees! I had read a lot about no! no! hair! and watched several commercials on TV over the years but even though I wasn't really expecting much from it, I was dying to try it! Curiousity and all that!

While this isn't a new product, I came across an article recently that stated there was new research for no! no! hair! ...It claimed that this little product is just as effective as laser! Hmmm, now even after reading all of the bad reviews and hearing friends negative verdicts - I decided to give it a whirl! It couldn't be that bad, could it? Surely, the research wasn't fake and surely over the years the technology was improved - it uses THERMICON tips!

I was so excited about trying it that I started to let the hair grow on my legs! Anyone who knows me knows I HATE leaving my legs with hair on, I HATE the itchiness and I hate the gorilla look! I did extremely well as the hair was growing for at least 10-14 days before I tried no! no! hair! A sure test!

Well here's my review!

1. It mostly certainly does NOT hurt while using the product!
2. It is extremely easy to use - 90 degrees is not hard to do!
3. It smells so bad, so so bad as it's burning the hair!
4. It does leave rough stubble behind which you then have to buffer off!
5. The device didn't switch off a few times when I'd finished using it and the device did get hot to the point I had to let it cool down before attempting to switch it on again!
6. The device did NOT remove all hair despite going over the same patch 4-5 times!
7. You have to go over the same patch for about 5 times! Importnant to mention twice!
8. There wasn't much difference with the hair re-growth compared to my shaven leg!

This device ain't cheap either - €230 from Boots but I purchased mine from QVCUK on easy payments with a money back guarantee up to 90 days! Thank Christ for that becuse it is going back! Now even if I was willing to use it for the 90 days, it isn't long enought to see if it really works HOWEVER, I didn't like the product and didn't like the need to buffer after shaving and especially didn't like the fact it din't remove all of the hairs!

So, peeps for all of you that asked me to tell them how I got on with it - I wouldn't be rushing out to buy it and I wouldn't be recommending it either. I am open to hearing other people's opinions about their experiences but I personally cannot be arsed with the whole buffering etc.

I would rather stick to my Gillette razor :)

Hope this helps and here are the links to the reviews so, you can make up your own minds and decide if this is something you want to try!


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