Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Chemical Peels for Dry Rough Skin

So after months of wearing socks and boots throughout the winter, most of us have been left with dry rough skin on our heels - not a good look when we want to bear our feet and get summer ready for flip flops and sandles!

You're all probably finding that moisturising is not enough and you've tried all the over the counter creams and gadgets but to no avail. Frustrated?

If this problem sounds familiar, then you need to try a Foot Rejuvenation treatment. 

At the Claudia McGloin Clinic, we've been busy trialling Chemical Peels to get rid of our dry, cracked heels and hey presto - we have Sexy Summer Feet :)

A Chemical Skin Peel is a great way of removing Calluses, Corns and Dry, Rough Skin from your feet. 

Give the clinic a call on 071 9140728 for further details and watch out for special summer offers on our business Facebook page - Claudia McGloin Clinic

With a little TLC your feet can be Sexy Summer Feet :)

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