Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Exhibiting the Claudia McGloin Clinic at the Mature Living Exhibit 2012

Claudia McGloin exhibited the Claudia McGloin Clinic at the Mature Living Exhibition 2012 at The Royal Theatre, Castlebar, Co. Mayo recently. The event was a huge success and we had the opportunity to meet some amazing people.

It was also lovely to meet so many people who had read Claudia McGloin's monthly editorials in the Mature Living Magazine and the feedback from the articles was fabulous. The visitors to the exhibit were also delighted to meet Claudia and to get the opportunity to ask further questions on the treatments and procedures offered at the clinic. Claudia even managed to pick up the nicknames 'The Diverticulitis Lady' and 'The Vein Lady'.

The Vein Clinic Ireland a division of the Claudia McGloin Clinic also launched their new website which coincided with the September Editorial for the Mature Living Magazine on Thread Veins.

Further details on The Vein Clinic Ireland can be found on and there is a dedicated facebook page as well -

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