Thursday, 23 April 2015

Invisalign Braces...My Journey starts here!!!

After years of putting it off, I finally decided the time was right and opted to have braces! A lot has changed over the years and now braces are invisible! No more visible metal on your teeth woo hoo!

I went to Quay Dental in Galway and had my consultation with Dr Lisa Creaven - you've probably seen her on the TV adverts for Invisalign - she put me at ease immediately and I decided there and then to go ahead and get my braces :)

It took about 8 weeks from the impressions being taken and sent off to me being called back yesterday to get them fitted! I was super excited and couldn't wait to get them on...

Now at this point I am going to say that OMG, they are sore! I only lasted 6 hours before I had to remove them and even then it was with great difficulty especially the lower brace! I know this is normal and I know it's a sign they're working but I didn't think it would be this sore! After having something to eat and drink, I took 2 Paracetamol and popped the braces back in.

Today is Day 1 and this morning I made a video diary which I didn't upload yet but I have been in absolute agony all day! To make matters worse, I was busy at work and knew it'd take an age to get them off so didn't get to eat or drink anything until I got home at 6pm! 

I was in so much pain I could've cried and I've got a blister on the inside of my mouth - I seriously cannot see me carrying on with these if this is going to continue. Had someone told me in the beginning how sore it would be I may well have decided not to go ahead with them!

I maybe just a Drama Queen but I'm finding it sooooo hard to remove them and the whole routine of removing to eat and drink - I think I'll end up a size 0 just drinking water! I've just had to take more painkillers and I'm hoping tomorrow will be a better day because I really can't have another day like today. And did I mention I'm slurring my words a bit and holding my mouth in a funny way?!?!

I keep thinking it'll all be worth it when I've fabulous teeth! 

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