Tuesday, 28 April 2015

'I should've gone to someone who knew what they were doing'...

I get a lot of patients that come to me who have been elsewhere for treatments and are unhappy with the results.

Following an in depth consultation with them and a full explanation about the different procedures and what I feel would benefit them better, I then proceed with treatment. 

I hate to see people unhappy and I especially hate to see people that have been left with botched procedures. I will always help them where I can - I know first hand what it's like to have a botched treatment and I know how upsetting it is!

A lot of my colleagues won't touch these patients as the problem becomes their problem. This is true but if I can help in some way and make a difference to the patient then I will.

Recently, I treated a patient who had come to see me after a treatment she received awhile back from another Medical Practitioner.

'I should've gone to someone who knew what they were doing' was her comment after I had treated her! 

I always get a sense of satisfaction when I see their genuine smiles of happiness after I've done a treatment and corrected the initial problem. 

Love my job...X

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