Thursday, 9 April 2015

Some of the Patient Reviews for the Claudia McGloin Clinic



Were you pleased with the treatment?
I was told to visit Claudia as she works her magic with fillers and the results are very natural. You didn't disappoint Claudia. Very natural looking result. Thank you.
Treatments - Dermal Fillers


Were you pleased with the treatment?
People have been complimenting me on how much younger I'm looking since having my lower face injected, but they don't know that I have!
Treatments - Dermal Fillers

100% Highly recommend

Were you pleased with the treatment?
I used to travel to Dublin to have my treatments and I was so happy when I recently saw this clinic in Sligo. I cannot fault this clinic all. Claudia is so professional, knowledgeable and extremely friendly. She put me at ease straight away and I will be continuing my treatments with her. I had a Dracula Therapy treatment and fillers and the results so far are amazing. I'd highly recommend this clinic to anyone who wants cosmetic treatments. I'll definitely be returning soon for more treatments.
Treatments - Dracula Therapy

100% Delighted

Were you pleased with the treatment?
Delighted with the result and experience. Finally found someone outside of Dublin with the proven experience and knowledge of all the latest techniques and therapies. Price as quoted.
Treatments – Radiesse Filler

 A short background and review of my PRP/draculla therapy with Claudia Mcgloin.

Were you pleased with the treatment?

I'm an international martial artist and personal trainer who has suffered for a long time with 2 bulging disc's and a ruptured ligament in my neck/c spine to the point some days where it was unmoveable. Massages/gels/heat packs/acupuncture etc all provided very limited temporary relief, but not sufficient. After doing some research on PRP, I contacted Claudia to arrange an appointment and tried not to have too high of expectations just in case it didn't work for me. However, the results blew me away. I received the therapy on a Friday eve at 6pm, Saturday didn't feel any difference, but when I woke Sunday morning it was like somebody had transplanted me with a new neck!! I've not had any problems with it since and could not believe how effective and quick this treatment worked after suffering for so long. The treatment itself very simply put: 'it's yours, so is harmless and safe'.

The procedure with Claudia in her clinic from first contact was extremely professional, comfortable, friendly and makes a huge difference that Claudia takes a genuine interest and care in her patients/clients requirements. If there is anyone out there with injuries and you want them fixed then there is only one solution in my opinion. Do a quick research on PRP and you wont find a reason not to get it done!! I regret not knowing about this procedure years ago as I believe there isn't an injury/ailment that cannot be repaired or helped by it. Many thanks again to Claudia and her great service at the clinic in Sligo.

Treatments - Dracula PRP Therapy

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