Tuesday, 28 April 2015

To Activate PRP or Not!!!

This has been a burning question in the Medical Aesthetic field for a long time. Should Platelet Rich Plasma PRP be activated after spinning in the centrifuge before injecting?

After my own research and training with Dr Daniel Sister and learning about the different kits on the market and talking to other Medical Professionals, my answer is YES!

I feel that by activating the Platelets you will achieve a much better and quicker treatment. It makes sense to activate to release the Growth Factors!

I conducted my own experiment by not activating the Platelets during a couple of procedures and while the treatment worked, it took longer to do so than if I had activated the Platelets. 

What's also interesting is that a couple of colleagues did the same experiment and also found that by not activating the Platelets didn't give as good a result as when they did activate!

I also feel by double spinning in a centrifuge you are losing and destroying some of the Platelets. That's why I only ever use Dracula Therapy the trademarked kit created by Dr Daniel Sister. The results I've had are amazing and I only ever do 1 treatment for patients as opposed to 4 treatments that other practitioners do! That's their kits plus they don't activate the Platelets.

There is definitely something in the activation of Platelets and I do believe that is why I'm achieving fantastic results with my patients and I will continue to activate the Platelets.

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