Sunday, 26 April 2015

Aesthetic Medicine Live 2015

Today I attended the Aesthetic Medicine Live Conference in Olympia in London. It was great to catch up with colleagues as well as meet new ones. 

The main reason for attending was to attend the PRP Symposium which was chaired by my mentor, friend and colleague Dr Daniel Sister. 

It was a great Symposium which started with Dr Daniel Sister talking about PRP then Dr Sherif Wlwakil talked about The O Shot and The P Shot, then Vicki Smith talking about her early experience with PRP for Hairloss and then back to the PRP Genius to finish off talking about the amazing treatments that PRP can be used. 

I just LOVE PRP and have had amazing results in just 1 treatment from Dracula Therapy Dr Sisters version...Other kits claim you need 2-4 treatments but with this 1 is enough!!!

I think from today and any other presentation or research I've done, Platelets must be activated in order to get the results you want...Like many others, I've conducted some research into this...More to follow on that but...

I didn't take many photos today but I did take 2...

The Naughty Boys as I am now calling them were amazing...Lots of giggles on stage but you had to be there!!!

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