Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for Hairloss one year on...

I had the pleasure of reviewing one of my patients last week who was treated just over 1 year ago with Dracula PRP Therapy for Hairloss and Hair Thinning.

She looked amazing but more importantly so did her hair! She had 1 treatment of PRP and noticed a huge difference at the 2-3 week stage. She initially hadn't told anybody that she had a treatment but she was soon getting lots of compliments from various people including her hairdresser! The difference was amazing!

Today her hair is still thick and shiny and it's not falling out as it had previously done! She doesn't have any visible patches on her scalp where her hair was thinning but you could clearly see fine wisps of baby hair that was still re growing!

Dracula PRP Therapy which is Dr Daniel Sister's version, is an amazing treatment! It blows my mind each time I do a treatment regardless of what it is for as everyone sees fantastic results a lot sooner than I tell them that they will! I just LOVE knowing I've personally made a huge difference to a persons wellbeing with this treatment!

Dracula PRP Therapy is exclusive to the Claudia McGloin Clinic and Ireland. Claudia trained with Dr Daniel Sister, a world renowned Anti-Ageing and Hormone Specialist in London a couple of years ago and has done several PRP treatments for a wide variety of conditions including Sports Injuries & Orthopaedics, Breast Volume Correction, Skin Rejuvenation, Nerve Damage, Skin Reactions and Burns.

For further information on PRP and other procedures the clinic offer, have a look at our websites or contact the Claudia McGloin Clinic directly by calling 071 9140728 or by emailing claudia@claudiamcgloinclinic.com



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