Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Day 3 & 4 Post Chemical Peel

Well I am putting these days together as they are similar.

Yesterday Day 3 - I woke up peeling :) It is just like peeling after a sunburn. It's not painful and once you moisturise all is ok! I applied a small amount of concealer and off I went about my daily business!

Today Day 4 - I am peeling more :) I am actually getting really excited pulling of the skin! Sad yes but that's me! Cannot wait to reveal the healthy, glowing super soft new skin underneath!

Now I will point out that at NO point during this treatment did I EVER look like Samantha did in the episode of Sex and the City! The pics I have taken throughout these past 4 days will show this!

Throughout these past 4 days, I have carried on as normal with my daily routine. I have been out and about and no-one has noticed the peeling or the shedding skin! It's the norm with us Irish in the summer isn't it?! lol

That's the beauty about this treatment. There is NO down time and no-one will know what you have had done. You just wait for the compliments about your glowing skin :)

Question is - will I have another treatment?

Answer is - YES definitely I will :)


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