Saturday, 14 January 2012

Post Chemical Peel Day 1

Well I woke up this morning and my skin was feeling slightly taut. A bit like it does if you have experienced a slight sunburn. Now I have fair skin and I know what that really bad sunburn feels like but this was not bad at all. My skin felt a little tight but was smoother in appearance. The redness was gone too! I applied some cream that is recommended for use after a Chemical Peel and my skin felt fresh and I have to say it did look good.

Throughout the day, I noticed that my skin was feeling slightly drier than usual and of course I didn't have any of my lotions, potions or make up on! I just kept applying the cream and my face felt and looked good! I didn't wash my face which is extremely important as this and the other lotions and potions can interfere with the peel.

Now I know by looking at my face that the Chemical Peel is working and I won't see results for another couple of days until the skin starts to peel but it definitely feels better already! :)

I've been out and about today and I look as though I normally would. There are no tell tale signs that I have had a Chemical Peel which is what we want. We just want comments of 'You are looking fresh and youthful'!

I am out tonight and I have opted to apply some concealer. Not because I need to cover up but because I want to wear some. If I am being honest with you guys, I never go out with make up! LOL.The concealer I have chosen is light and will allow my skin to breathe through the peel. It comes recommended after a peel and is medical.

Watch this space to see if anyone notices any differences.......

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