Saturday, 14 January 2012

Chemical Peel

Well my lovelys, I have given myself a Chemical Peel all in the name of research for my clients! My philosophy at the Claudia McGloin Clinic is to ensure that only the best quality and highest standards of treatments are offered to my clients. I won't recommend or advocate treatments that have not been tried or tested by myself. I need to have the confidence in what I offer to you!

Claudia McGloin Clinic thrives on Clinical Excellence and as a HUGE advocate of Patient Safety, I will strive to undertake the best clinical standards in the Claudia McGloin Clinic. My undertaking of these treatments is to show my clients that 'LESS is MORE' and that you do not need to have major re constructive cosmetic treatments done but simply just to enhance your beauty!

Firstly, I seriously recommend that you do NOT try any of these treatments at home! As a medical professional, I have done this in the strictest sterile clinical setting in the Claudia McGloin Clinic. These products are to be used by medical professionals only and I am simply doing this so I can give you a step by step account of how it feels and what to expect - something I that think is unique to my clinic.

Secondly, by giving you a thorough insight into these treatments, you can be confident that I know exactly what I'm talking about and can take you through it step by step so you know what to expect. You won't come to the clinic with any pre-conceived ideas and you will be well informed before you consent to treatment.

So, what was it like?

Well I have to say it did feel rather odd doing this to myself as I wasn't as relaxed as my clients would be - not meaning I was nervous but I was standing and squatting while giving myself the treatment! My clients are lying relaxed on a couch in the comforts of a soothing, relaxing environment. This aside, I am glad that I did this...

Once the chemical liquid was applied to the skin, it did sting and in my case it did burn a bit BUT I have a trick up my sleeve to soothe this - the trusty hand held fan! It cooled down my skin immediately and allowed me to continue. The stinging doesn't last long and once the neutraliser is applied it stops it completely. The treatment is painless. I can only say that the stinging is like a sunburn! And lets face it my lovelys we have all experienced that and have lived to tell the tale!

My skin did go red but it wasn't very red as in OMG what have you been doing! The beauty of these treatments is there is no down time and you can carry on with your day and evening ALTHOUGH you cannot touch your face and you cannot put creams, lotions and potions on or even wash your face for 24 hours!

Once I finished the treatment I felt fine and carried on as normal.

More to follow as the days go on and of course the pics! Cx

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