Sunday, 15 January 2012

Post Chemical Peel Day 2

First of all I'm going to say that last night I did get a comment that my skin was looking good! WOO HOO! This is of course BEFORE the peeling has started!

Now I did mention in my previous blog Post Chemical Peel Day 1, that I was using the recommended concealer! I have a confession to make - I didn't use that one but a similar make up! All in the way of research for my clients!

I was just coming to the 24 hour post Chemical Peel stage and I tried this different brand just to see what would happen. I did experience a bit of tingling on my cheeks and I'm sure this was due to the ingredients in the produce which may have been reacting to the peel! Fear not my lovelies as it didn't last and I still looked good! I just wanted to see what would happen but you definitely should NOT get your face wet for the first 24 hours post Chemical Peel.

Now I woke up this morning and my skin was feeling slightly tigher and drier. This is a sure sign that the peel is working and I have been waiting for the skin to peel and low and behold as I am writing this - I AM PEELING!!!! Woo Hoo!!

It's starting on my chin and I don't think it will be long before I shed the rest of my skin! I'm so excited now I can't wait to peel it off and reveal my glowing, healthy skin underneath!

As previously said, I have taken pics at the different stages and once all is complete I will post these with full descriptions and will be available to see on my Facebook page, Claudia McGloin Clinic page and my website

Will update you all as the peeling progresses! So excited! :)