Friday, 6 April 2012

Dermal Fillers

Following on from my previous blogs on Chemical Skin Peels, today is about Dermal Fillers! I had my first Dermal Filler earlier. I had my lips enhanced and also had some filler injected into some lines around my mouth. Now I believe in the 'Less is More' approach and that is exactly what I got!

I believe that its all about enhancing your natural beauty and I certainly didn't want to end up with HUGE lips that are so noticeable that everyone knows that I've had some treatments. OK, here I am writing a blog on it BUT in my defence I am doing this for my clients so you know exactly what to expect and you also know that while I am injecting you, I know exactly what it's like!

It doesn't bother me telling people what treatments that I have had done. It does a lot of people but it shouldn't really. Still haven't worked out the real reason people don't tell but the signs are obvious - maybe a little bit more with me as I work in the cosmetic surgery industry but there are times when women say they've had nothing done and they so blatantly have. There is nothing to be ashamed of and people shouldn't hide telling their friends and family. YES a girl can have a wee secret and maybe this beauty treatment is yours! SSShhhh, I won't tell or rather I can't tell...

Anyway, the most important and most asked question -

Does it hurt?

Well, the answer is simple NO! My skin was numbed using an aesthetic cream. Much kinder than injecting without it! After about 40 minutes when my skin was numbed, my lips were injected. Of course you can feel a slight scratch and you know what is happening but its not a long lasting pain. It's over with before you know it. There are a couple of sensitive areas and you may feel a longer sting but it is not bad at all. After each injection, you get to look in the mirror and see what has been done. The beauty with fillers is that you can see the results immediately. It is best in my opinion best to work alongside your practitioner and this is how I work with my clients. You tell me where you want to be injected and together we will enhance your beauty.

Apart from the instant results, there also comes swelling! This is also immediate and of course will subside but it is best to not have a special function to attend in the first 48 hours after a filler. There will also be some bleeding! As soon as the last injection has been finished and the skin cleaned, an ice pack is applied. This of course does help with the swelling.

I am writing this 8 hours post fillers and my lips are still swollen, bruised and are sore! I am struggling a bit to eat and drink and am begging people around me to NOT make me laugh as my lips feel tight! Still it has been worth it as my lips are looking good :) They will look better once the swelling has subsided :)

Would I have it done again? YES, of course I would. Now that I have seen the results and am happy with them. This will be happening on a regular basis. Would I inject myself was another question? NO, it would be impossible to do this treatment on myself plus I really don't think that the results would be as good as having a colleague doing it.

Watch this space for pics and a follow up blog :)


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