Sunday, 16 February 2014

Rosacea - The Curse of the Celts!

Rosacea is a hot topic at the moment as more and more people are being diagnosed with this Chronic Skin Condition. I have seen several patients in my clinic recently who have Rosacea but some of these didn't even know that they had it! I too have Rosacea and it did come as a bit of a shock especially now as I have started to look after my Skin. It started to develop over the past few months at the age of 37 which is the age it normally develops - between 30-50. As of late, I am noticing it more and more now! For me, it started off when I would have a sip of red wine. My face would become very flushed and hot! I thought it the wine being so warm and heavy as opposed to white wine being the opposite and didn't pass any heed of it. It was my mother that pointed it out to me one evening after I had barely taken a sip of wine. She said that my face was so red it looked like I was on fire! I was wearing make up as well so, I did think oh heck!

I have also noticed that when I get out of the shower in the mornings that my face is also very red and I can clearly see the tell tale mask of Rosacea redness around my cheeks and tip of my nose!

I have to admit, as a teenager I was never very good at looking after my Skin. I think if I was being good I may have used soap and water to clean my face but I remember days where I would just use water if I even bothered! This may sound like it wasn't bad especially not piling on a load of chemicals onto my face but the problem was MAKE UP! I used to wear a lot of it but I never took it off! Naughty I know but then I am a Nurse! Well that's my excuse now but I'm not sure what it was back then!

I wrote an article last December about Rosacea that was published in Mature Living Magazine. For those of you that didn't read it and want to know more about Rosacea, I will print the article here below. If you have any questions about Rosacea or you want to know more about the treatments available at the Claudia McGloin Clinic please visit the clinic website or call the clinic on 071 9140728.

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