Monday, 14 September 2015

The day I injected Count Dracula himself...

So everyone knows how much I love Dracula PRP Therapy and if you didn't - you do now! The results I get from these treatments are phenomenal but little did I know the real test would come in treating the pioneer of PRP Dr Daniel Sister. 

Daniel had a fall and fractured his Radial Head - Elbow in layman's terms! 

When I met him recently in London for a joint interview we were doing with a magazine, he was still complaining of pain in his Elbow.  He had also lost some movement and despite exercising, he was unable to bring his Elbow upwards towards his face! It was PRP time!

I injected him 3 times - directly into the Elbow joint at the fracture site and the other two times directly into the muscles in his forearm. He was a model patient and didn't flinch despite the pain he was in! That's good considering we medical professionals make the worst patients! 

Daniel called me the next day to tell me he was actually holding the phone to his ear! He had noted a huge improvement 6 hours after treatment! We were amazed at how quickly he was seeing results but we both knew that PRP was amazing! I've seen dramatic improvements with PRP and Sports Injuries & Spinal conditions but each time I do a treatment it still blows my mind at how quickly people are seeing results!

Daniel has continued to notice improvement and is about 90% better today! Here's the link to Daniel's blog about his experience 

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