Monday, 14 September 2015

Skin Care Sales...

One of the big misconceptions that people have about Skin Specialists is that we are sales people trying to sell Skin Care Products to you as well as Skin Treatments. This couldn't be further from the truth! I'm a Medical Professional with little sales experience apart from a short time working part time at weekends in Penney's in Sligo while I was in secondary school!

I do sell Skin Care at the clinic but I also sell a variety of Medical Brands so, I'm not affiliated to one particular company. I personally mix and match but I'm using what's suited to my Skin and I tailor each product to individual needs by prescribing what is needed for your Skin Type and Skin Condition. 

I have researched Medical Skin Care not only for myself but for my patients and clients so, that I can bring you the very best of treatments to the clinic. I have tried and tested them all and am happy to say that only brands that I feel comfortable using on my face and ones that work will be ones that I use daily in the clinic. 

The truth is the Skin Care compliments the Skin Treatments giving you better results. I only ever use clinically proven products and the results of these products used either on their own or following treatments speak for themselves. 

You don't need to have several Skin products at home and you certainly don't need to spend hours in the bathroom in the morning or at night! A simple but effective Skin Care routine is all you need to keep your Skin looking fresh, healthy and hydrated. Not many people know this but the most important Skin Care product is actually an SPF - Sun Protection Factor. 

At the Claudia McGloin Clinic, we can tailor a good simple yet effective Skin Care routine for you and help you achieve the flawless radiant complexion you've always wanted all year round. 

Contact us for further details or to book a Skin Consultation. 

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