Monday, 8 June 2015

Open Disclosure is key to Patient Safety even in the Aesthetic Industry

Patients have a right to be safe no matter what procedure they are having done or where they are having it done be it a public or private hospital or clinic. Patients should not be receiving medical procedures in their own home or in beauty salons, hairdressers or even hotels etc. A clinical environment that is medically equipped to deal with complications and adverse reactions is paramount!

Patient Safety is a huge passion of mine especially since I suffered from Wrong Site Surgery in 2007. At that time I worked for the NHS but as I now work in the Aesthetic industry, I know it is just as important that we get regulations in place and change our guidelines to keep our patients safe. I was also unfortunate to have have botched lip fillers so, I know what it is like to be on the receiving end of treatments going wrong!

I have been hugely involved in Patient Safety matters in Ireland for the past 3 years and have recently completed Patient Safety Courses and Open Disclosure Training. While these are geared to the public health industry the HSE or the NHS - I have now started to develop training seminars for the Aesthetic and Cosmetic Industry based on the same principles as no matter where we work - WE are still Medical Professionals and must carry out Open Disclosure and ensure Patient Safety DAILY for ALL of our patients.

Honesty is key when dealing with patients, why? Because it is the right thing to do. We are taught on the first day of training to 'FIRST DO NO HARM' so, we must continue with this in all areas of our practice. Being Open and Honest with patients is a huge part of a seamless service. It's not just about being Open and Honest when things go wrong - it's about being honest from the start.

The consultation process is an extremely important part for the patient and that is why at the Claudia McGloin Clinic we charge for ours and don't offer FREE consultations as we are not sales people and are not trying hard to make a sale. We are looking for the best solution for the individual patient needs. We strongly believe that patients need to research as well prior to their treatment. They should ask as many questions as possible and if they feel in their gut that something is not right, then they should not proceed with the treatment.

I was delighted to see that the GMC are looking to change guidelines for Doctors and just hope that the other regulatory bodies such as the NMC follow suit. I strongly believe that if we all sing from the same hymn sheet and do the best we can for the safety of our patients, then we can overcome the cowboys in this industry and keep it safe for all.

For upcoming information on Patient Safety and Open Disclosure training for the Medical Aesthetic Industry, keep an eye on our Facebook pages -  Medical Aesthetics Courses and Claudia McGloin Clinic. Also have a look on our clinic website

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