Thursday, 12 March 2015

Skin Reactions and Dracula PRP Therapy

Last year I decided to freshen up my tired Skin by doing a superficial Skin Peel. I'd done a Medium TCA Chemical Peel a few months previous, so I just needed to deeply exfoliate and remove the Dead Skin Cells that had built up as well as giving my Skin a Healthy Glow.

I'd used this Skin Peel several times on friends, family and patients and never had a problem. I did the Skin Peel and shortly afterwards noticed that I was red and the treated areas were getting itchy. I'd applied a Medical Barrier Cream to the areas to help soothe and calm the Skin but by morning I was so red and itchy with bumps under the Skin.

I called the company to check if there had previously been any adverse reactions and was told there wasn't so, it was just me! I had also done the same Skin Peel on my mother at the same time I did mine and she was fine so, definitely just me!

I was advised to apply Petroleum Jelly aka Vaseline to my Skin which I did but it made it worse! At this point my Skin was getting worse and burning - I looked like I'd had some serious Laser treatment and was burnt! It was steroid time but not before I did a Dracula PRP Therapy treatment on myself!

I managed to take my own blood which for me I thought was going to be tricky as my best veins are in my right arm and I'm right handed but I managed it no bother :) This has got to be a huge achievement for me! lol

After I spun my blood and separated my Plasma, I smothered my face in it...I had no problem injecting it but I thought it would only aggravate it especially as I was injecting myself and my face felt so tight and hot!

The results were amazing. Straight away it eased the itchiness and by the next day the redness and bumps had reduced significantly. The power of the Stem Cell...

The top picture is me with the red lumpy bumpy itchy skin...The middle picture is me straight after applying Dracula PRP Therapy and the last picture is me a few days after where my Skin has fully healed.

Dracula PRP Therapy is an amazing treatment that is 100% Safe & Natural and is exclusive at the Claudia McGloin Clinic.

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