Monday, 4 November 2013

Silk Pillow Cases for Anti-Ageing

The latest craze in Anti-Ageing and adored by celebs is Silk Pillow Cases! Not just for its soft and luxurious feel but it has been widely documented that sleeping on a Silk Pillow Case can help prevent Lines & Wrinkles and allow the Skin to Breathe better while you sleep!

There are so many Silk Pillow Cases on the market claiming that their brand is the best and that the SILK is Absolutely Fabulous so, I bought one just to try it out. I'm curious to see if it really does make a difference and if it will help with the Sleep Lines I frequently wake up to.

Anyway, the brand I bought claimed that I will Wake up Beautiful so, why wouldn't I give it a go? :)

It lists the following on the packaging! SILK:-

* Hypoallergenic - Highly beneficial for people with Sensitive Skin

* Banishes Hair Frizz - The proteins in Silk help Prevent 'BED HAIR', Frizz and Split Ends

* Anti-Ageing - Skin will Breathe easier and lose less Moisture against Silk. Wrinkles will appear Smoother with less creases

* Promotes A Good Night's Sleep - Silk is also known to help calm the Nervous System prompting a good night's sleep

So, is this a FACT or another FAD??

Well, having tried it for the first time last night, I can safely say that (A) I didn't sleep very well and (B) I didn't notice any difference with my 'BED HAIR' however, I did notice that I didn't have very many Sleep Lines on my face! I am not sure if this is due to the fact that I tossed and turned all night long and didn't stay in any one position long enough for the Sleep Lines to develop or the fact that I slept (when I did) on my back!

I will try it again tonight just to see what happens but at the moment the jury is still out on this one as to whether I would actively promote a Silk Pillow Case to my patients and clients for Anti-Ageing. After all, they are expensive and if they don't work then there is no point wasting money when you could just as easily buy a good Medical Skin Care Product that will have an effect on the Skin!

Watch this space...

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