Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Why Colonics?

I've been asked several times about why I started doing Colonic Hydrotherapy and if I have ever had any treatments myself and if I really found them beneficial??

The answer to that is YES, I have had several Colonic Hydrotherapy treatments and YES they are extremely beneficial. They have really worked for me and helped me hugely. While there are still some sceptical people out there about this treatment, all I can say is - Come and have a treatment with ME! I will prove to you that these treatments really are beneficial to the body and more importantly that they do work.

I have treated several patients with various chronic illnesses and following a few treatments they were feeling much better than they had in a long time. I am currently researching some illnesses and Colonic Hydrotherapy and am currently writing a book on Colonic Hydrotherapy so, I will share more about the research in the book.

Here is my story:-

8 years ago I went to the Dominican Republic for a 2 week all inclusive holiday. The resort was a gorgeous 4* resort BUT there was an infestation of flies. The staff didn't do enough to stop the pests getting onto food, drinks and guests! There was a BBQ one evening and they were serving lobsters...Well you couldn't see the lobsters with all the flies! I do have pictures of this but I don't think anyone wants to see them! It is gross!

After a couple of days at the resort, I started to become unwell. I suffered diarrhoea, was nauseous and felt very drained. I couldn't venture too far from the pool as I was constantly running to the loo. I would only use the bathroom in my room - out of courtesy to other guests plus the public loos were awful! Thankfully, my room was near the pool! By the second week I was also experiencing headaches and was getting much worse. I was told by the holiday rep that I was OK as I could look after myself seeing as I was a nurse! Charming! 

The rest of the holiday was pretty much the same - feeling awful and running to the loo all the time! Other guests were reporting the same ailments but nothing was done at the resort regarding the infest! 

When I returned to the UK, I still wasn't well and I went to see my GP. He refused to send me to The Hospital for Tropical Diseases in London as I suspected that I had picked up a parasite. I couldn't eat certain foods as my stomach was now crippling me! I even asked about sending me to see a food specialist just in case I had a severe food allergy. He told me I was wasting my money and he wouldn't refer me. I had to basically wait and see it it would subside.

It did settle but after a few weeks the symptoms re occurred. This would happen on and off for months. This was a definite sign that I had picked up a parasite and that it was lying dormant for a time in the colon and would then awaken and cause havoc! I was so frustrated with my GP and I remember going back to see him after about a few months and saying that my cousin has Colorectal Cancer and now had a colostomy and I need to be seen by a specialist! This spurred him into sending a referral to the General Surgeons.

At the time of my appointment, I was turning 30. I was having a Flexisigmoidoscopy to see what was going on in the Colon. The procedure went ok although it was painful - there was an SHO doing the procedure with the Consultant! I agreed that he could do it.......A couple of days later I was at work and experienced severe abdominal pain. My A&E colleagues feared that my bowel was perforated. I was so upset as I was due to fly to New York in a few hours time and was told that I wouldn't be going :(

After several blood tests and examinations, I was told that I could fly as they felt that I was stable enough and they didn't think anything would happen mid flight! The results came back from the Flexisigmoidoscopy and there was noting there. I was told I could potentially have Crohn's Disease and that I would need further investigations. NOT ON YOUR LIFE after my previous experience!

I self diagnosed myself with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and I knew that certain foods would trigger a relpase so I tried to avoid those foods but it was hard. I had read articles about Colonic Hydrotherapy and like most, was a bit nervous about it to begin with. After conducting lots of research, I knew that this was a beneficial treatment and I trained in Colonic Hydrotherapy.

The treatments have really helped me with my IBS and the parasite hasn't reared it's ugly head! Along with a Colonic Hydrotherapy treatment a Parasite Cleanse Colonic Enema does the trick and I recommend that everyone have one of these on a yearly basis.

I honestly believe that if I had a Colonic Hydrotherapy treatment all those years ago, I wouldn't have had to endure the trauma of the Flexisigmoidoscopy and the trauma of a suspected perforated bowel!


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