Sunday, 26 August 2012

Colonic Enemas

Colonic Enemas are an important part of the Cleansing and Detox process to obtain optimum results from a Colonic Hydrotherapy treatment. At the Claudia McGloin Clinic, we offer various Colonic Enemas and Implants.

One such Colonic Enema is a Coffee Enema. This Detoxifies the Liver and stimulates both the Gallbladder and Liver to remove all TOXINS from the body.

Colonic Enemas assist the Colon in emptying and also to HEAL the Colon. We have seen some amazing results so far with Colonic Hydrotherapy treatments as stand alone treatments in patients suffering from a variety of conditions and in addition we are starting to see even better results from adding the Colonic Enemas to the Colonic Hydrotherapy treatments. We are continuing to promote Colon Health by including these Colonic Enemas and Implants to our treatments in order to maintain optimum results Colonic Hydrotherapy treatments.

Furthermore, we can combine Colonic Enemas to suit the individual need of our patients.

Currently, we are researching the use of Colonic Hydrotherapy treatments in a couple of medical conditions and will release more information on this soon.

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