Monday, 25 May 2015

Proof that YOU can be your own PR

It's been just over one week or 9 days to be precise since I attended Antonia Mariconda's 'How to be your own PR' for Medical Professionals which was held at 64 Knighstbridge in London. This was my second PR workshop of Antonia's to attend and I knew that if it was anything like the first one then I wouldn't be disappointed. I wasn't! Antonia shares her extensive knowledge and offers great advice and tips on 'How to be your own PR'.

Part of the workshop included a pitch to a journalist from the Daily Mail. When the workshop started, Antonia asked us to say a couple of words about who we were & what we did - I said I was a 'Vagina Rejuvenator'! It got the journalists attention and as Antonia predicted would lead to bigger things.

And it has...Today, my pitch was turned into a fabulous article and was published in the Daily Mail.

Rejuvula, is a brand new treatment for Vaginal Rejuvenation that I created with Dr Daniel Sister. It involves using Dracula PRP Therapy to enhance sexual response and help with urine incontinence.

This is certainly proof that you can be your own PR and that you can achieve great things when you put your mind to it. A great pitch will take you far!

I highly recommend Antonia's PR workshops and it certainly helped me to get published!

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