Friday, 31 January 2014

Re-balance your Body's Energy with Aqua Detox

Re-balance your body's energy with Aqua Detox at the Claudia McGloin Clinic

The Aqua Detox treatment is a safe, effective and convenient way to detoxify and to re-balance your body's energy fields and cells.

Modern day living, stress, the environment and a poor diet introduce toxins into your body which causes an imbalance to the natural energy within your cells. It is the natural function of your cells to absorb nutrients and excrete waste products. Any imbalance can prevent the cells from performing this function efficiently.

The Aqua Detox apparatus produces a frequency which resonates gently through your body and stimulates all the cells within it. This has the effect of re-balancing the cellular energy thus enabling the cells to perform efficiently and to release any toxins which may have built up.

The benefits of the Aqua Detox treatment are numerous and many people have reported an increase in their energy levels, an improvement in their general sense of well being as well as significant relief from the symptoms of illness. A brief study on chemotherapy patients showed that patients suffered less side effects such as nausea and vomiting following Aqua Detox treatments. The treatments are given through the feet as each foot has over 2,000 pores through which toxins can be excreted.

Aqua Detox has been employing Doctors and Scientists to research the effectiveness of the Aqua Detox treatment. They now have scientific research showing how the use of Aqua Detox can benefit the body.

Bio-Energetic stimulation has a positive effect on the microcirculation of the body. If the microcirculation is good, the body is more likely to be healthy. When there is an imbalance, there is more likely to be a dysfunction.

As the body re-balances its Bio-Energetic Field it plays an important part in regulating both supply of Oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and the proper excretion of waste products (toxins) out of the body. The body is therefore more likely to be healthy, allowing the body to restore its natural healing energy levels.

At the Claudia McGloin Clinic we also have Detox and Diet Programmes as well as our own brand of Health Supplements in particular Probiotics which are also suitable for kids. As part of our Detox Programme we highly recommend Colonic Hydrotherapy with a Colonic Herbal Implant for Total Detoxification.

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