Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Happy 1st Birthday to us!!

The Claudia McGloin Clinic turned one today on 12/12/2012. It's been the most amazing year and it's hard to believe that one year has passed by so quickly! The old saying 'Time flies when you're having fun' is so true!

A special THANK YOU goes out to all friends and family for their endless support. Also a very special THANK YOU goes out to all of the clients for their continued support. You are amazeballs and you make it such a pleasure to come to work in the morning!

So much has happened in the clinic in the past 12 months. We have added new treatments to the clinic, have introduced the world renowned DermaCeutics into the clinic and have won a Customer Services Award. I'm sure there are more things to add to this.......

As we have achieved so much in 2012, we are looking forward to improving and achieving so much more in 2013. Watch this space.......

Happy Birthday to us and here's to many more!

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