Sunday, 10 June 2012

Exclusive to Sligo and the Claudia McGloin Clinic...DermaCeutic

The DermaCeutic range was formally launched into the Claudia McGloin Clinic last week. It is exclusive to Sligo and to The Claudia McGloin Clinic.

DermaCeutic is a full range of cosmeceuticals to Prepare, Optimise and Maintain Results of all aesthetic procedures. DermaCeutic is also a range of Chemical Peels used by Medical Skin Care Specialists.

Dermaceutic works on 3 areas Stimulation, Protection and Repair. Apart from the Skin Peels used in the clinic which are Medical Strength and used by Medical Professionals only, we also offer an extensive home care range for you to achieve optimum results.

The DermaCeutic Skin Peels that we offer are:

Mask Peel - a very superficial peel for Greasy, Acne prone Skin, Visible Pores, Excess Sebum and Dermatological Facial Cleansing.

Milk Peel - a superficial peel for Dull Complexion, Wrinkles, Epidermal Stimulation and Smoothing Effect.

Spot Peel - a medium Depigmenting peel for Pigmented Skin, Pregnancy Dark Spots, Melasma and Post Inflammatory Pigmentation.

Cosmo Peel - a medium Rejuvenation peel for Ageing Skin, Smoker's Complexion, Dark Spots, Wrinkles and Stretch Marks.

Deep Peel - a deep peel for the treatment of Deep Wrinkles, Acne Scars 

*Please note that there is 7 days down time with the Deep Peel*

For more information on the Dermaceutic Range please call into The Claudia McGloin Clinic or check out the clinic website -

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